Terrible Two’s

It’s official. I can no longer leave my purse on the floor—well physically I can, it’ll just be at the mercy of my too curious puppy. At first he started leaving his bone hidden in the purse, which was fun and cute. Nothing better than being at work, rummaging around in your bag and finding your baby’s bone in it 🙂
It was when he started taking objects out of my purse that my eye started to twitch. Specially *cough-cough* when he took my medication bottles, cough drops, and notes I’d written to myself.
And worse, my baby loves to shred paper. So image all those notes… shredded! Image the cough drops…since they’re in plastic, half way shredded. Image what would have happened if he had more time with my medication…well let’s not even go there. And if we did, it would be the vet we would be going to! Knowing its only a puppy stage slightly helps, although my shoes would beg to differ.
One day, as usual, I forgot to put my bag away and when I looked up this is what I found… 20140314_20361620140314_203606

He managed to steal a tissue and then I ran around after him while he tried to tear it to pieces. But he’s so cute. How can you possibly get mad at him? He’s just doing what all curious puppies do—snoop.