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Book Launch Release

Yeah!! Come meet my book baby; SPARKED (The Metal Bones Book 1) It released December 16! And I’m so excited!! It is a Young Adult, Sci-Fi  novel. Available in print and ebook. Amazon Purchase here!


















Per my book release, below are some GIF’s (Graphics Interchange Format) that completely express how I feel at this moment 🙂

Hey there!



Question 1: How do you manage all your responsibilities; writing, family, friends?



Question 2: What gave you the inspiration to write about SPARKED?

via GIPHY – No, not Sailor Moon. A dream I had that inspired me. 🙂


Question 3: How are you feeling about SPARKED finally being out in the wild (aka published)?



Question 4: What is the worst part of being a writer?

via GIPHY – The actual sitting down and writing lol



Question 5: You meet your favorite author in person. What is your reaction?

via GIPHY – This is actually a true story. I bowed down when I meet Kresley Cole at a book signing. What?! I couldn’t help it. Have you read Poison Princess yet? Then you’d understand 😉


Question 6:What’s it like to actually hold a book you’ve written in your hands for the first time?

via GIPHY – Yep. It’s pretty dang incredible. 🙂  Check out the video of me-> Seeing my book in paperback for the first time!

I hope everyone is having a very Happy Holiday Season!




GIFS ideas per Kate Tilton

Omg! Omg! OMG!! They are done. Only took me only forever and a month. I feel like running around in our small apt until I cant run anymore and then collapsing on the couch. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess who kept me company the whole time? Yup. The baby! He’s currently following me all around the house as i jump for joy. Thank you for sitting next to me and keeping me company the whole time. You’re the very best baby in the whole world. (Even though you bark when Daddy kisses me, and poop where you’re not supposed to, and find a way to escape out of everything, and nip my nose when you’re tired of me kissing you.) But dont worry, I still <3 you! Always.
first round edits done!

20140412_200526The baby moving to fast.

20140412_200528He stole a kiss on the lips! Aladdin!!

20140412_200531Me laughing from him sneaking the kiss in.


Finally the perfect shot! Muah! 

It’s official. I can no longer leave my purse on the floor—well physically I can, it’ll just be at the mercy of my too curious puppy. At first he started leaving his bone hidden in the purse, which was fun and cute. Nothing better than being at work, rummaging around in your bag and finding your baby’s bone in it 🙂
It was when he started taking objects out of my purse that my eye started to twitch. Specially *cough-cough* when he took my medication bottles, cough drops, and notes I’d written to myself.
And worse, my baby loves to shred paper. So image all those notes… shredded! Image the cough drops…since they’re in plastic, half way shredded. Image what would have happened if he had more time with my medication…well let’s not even go there. And if we did, it would be the vet we would be going to! Knowing its only a puppy stage slightly helps, although my shoes would beg to differ.
One day, as usual, I forgot to put my bag away and when I looked up this is what I found… 20140314_20361620140314_203606

He managed to steal a tissue and then I ran around after him while he tried to tear it to pieces. But he’s so cute. How can you possibly get mad at him? He’s just doing what all curious puppies do—snoop.

I took my baby to the groomers, for the first time today! Oh my little baby is growing up! I cant believe it. They groomed him at the same place I bought him from and since I bought him there I’m VIP. Holla!

The groomer was late, so for a half and hour I was chasing him around the little store. Picking him up every time he tried to go over to the area where another girl was buying her dog. Sticking my fingers in his mouth to get out the latest piece of wood, or stale bread crumb he licked off the floor. Carrying him around until he wiggled too much for me to keep holding him and I’d have to put him back on the ground again. And feeling like a mom with a brand new toddler. I had no idea they went through his—but for like years! Great birth control I tell you. Parents, just give your kids a puppy to take care of. Job set and done!

The groomer finally came and I waited in the waiting room. They prefer you not to see the dog so he doesn’t try to get you the whole time the groomer is taking care of him—but that didn’t stop his yips and his cries. And omg! My heart broke with each one!!

I know he doesn’t like being brushed because I try to brush him all the time. I know he doesn’t like his nails clipped or the hair between his paws being cut, because I try to do that all the time but it still doesn’t soften the sound of your baby crying and you secretly wonder if the groomer is being too rough with your puppy or is your puppy is just being a big puppy.:/

I used the time to type away at my story and thirty minutes later they brought him out and he was so happy to see me waiting for him. He licked every inch of my face and wiggled so much I had to put him down so he could run across the store! He smelled like honey and jasmine and felt like softest velvet coat. And had a stripped bow tie on!!! Oh my baby!

I checked him for cuts on his tummy, under his arm pits and inside his legs but just saw one little area that looked like it had been scratched but he didn’t seem at all bothered by it when I touched him. I think it might have been a scab that fell off. Overall he was beautiful, delicious smelling, clean face with no long hair near his eyes and had clean ears (they removed the hair—which is important to prevent dirt buildup).

It was our first experience together. I hope the next one he doesn’t cry as much!! I’ll keep you updated 🙂