Book Launch Release!

Book Launch Release

Yeah!! Come meet my book baby; SPARKED (The Metal Bones Book 1) It released December 16! And I’m so excited!! It is a Young Adult, Sci-Fi  novel. Available in print and ebook. Amazon Purchase here!


















Per my book release, below are some GIF’s (Graphics Interchange Format) that completely express how I feel at this moment 🙂

Hey there!



Question 1: How do you manage all your responsibilities; writing, family, friends?



Question 2: What gave you the inspiration to write about SPARKED?

via GIPHY – No, not Sailor Moon. A dream I had that inspired me. 🙂


Question 3: How are you feeling about SPARKED finally being out in the wild (aka published)?



Question 4: What is the worst part of being a writer?

via GIPHY – The actual sitting down and writing lol



Question 5: You meet your favorite author in person. What is your reaction?

via GIPHY – This is actually a true story. I bowed down when I meet Kresley Cole at a book signing. What?! I couldn’t help it. Have you read Poison Princess yet? Then you’d understand 😉


Question 6:What’s it like to actually hold a book you’ve written in your hands for the first time?

via GIPHY – Yep. It’s pretty dang incredible. 🙂  Check out the video of me-> Seeing my book in paperback for the first time!

I hope everyone is having a very Happy Holiday Season!




GIFS ideas per Kate Tilton